Do you dread networking events and feel like you're just going through the motions without making any real connections? Have you been told to simply hand out business cards and hope for the best, but still feel like you're not getting anywhere? It's time to take control and master intentional networking to create deep, lasting relationships.

My guest in this episode was Jocelyn Chong. Jocelyn is an internationally recognized Networking Specialist, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Global Speaker, Certified Coach and Podcast Host Jocelyn guides and empowers female entrepreneurs and business professionals to learn to master the art of intentional networking so they can accelerate their business growth, power and possibility and breakthrough the glass ceiling, She has over 20 years experience building 7 & 8 figure businesses & building high performance sales teams in the banking and finance sector and 15 years in leadership, project delivery and governance. She has been featured in many publications and is regarded as a thought leader in the banking industry.

Her point of difference is her expertise in intentional networking, sales, strategic communications and business advisory. When you engage Jocelyn, you access over 36,000+ hours of experience, knowledge and wisdom in networking, business advisory, sales and lead generation strategies, people leadership, life and business coaching. Jocelyn infused spirituality and intuitive guidance in business in a big way and her followers are growing daily.

She is a heart centered entrepreneur, compassionate and a straight shooter who thrives on human transformation and loves to help others to create a life by design. Networking can sometimes feel overwhelming or intimidating; however, it doesn't have to be this way. By shifting one's mindset and focusing on fun and enjoyable aspects, networking can become a more pleasant experience. Fostering a positive attitude and embracing authenticity in our interactions can help create an inviting atmosphere that draws people in and leads to fruitful connections.

Learn how to not get offended by different personalities in networking events & ho to network intentionally.

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